Ruby Roos

Northern Ireland's Leading Wraparound Care Provider


Our Roots

Ruby Roos provide wraparound care which is an after school childcare service based in a school environment. We have units across primary schools in Northern Ireland offering a service from 2-6pm which parents can utilise for their children after school until they finish work or other commitments. 

We have our own private units within each school we work in offering children the opportunity to stay late in a safe familiar environment until they parents or guardians are able to collect them.

This is a more affordable form of childcare that offers a wide range of games, activities and play that will challenge children and help them to develop in both physically and mentally through our vast range of activities after school.

We are are proud to work alongside MR Sports and will use their expertise in developing fun and enjoyable games and activities for children who are in our care enabling us to offer an unparalleled childcare service that will appeal the all interests!



Ruby Roos aim to offer a more enjoyable and varied care service that children can benefit from to develop and grow with our unique approach to structured sessions alongside unstructured play. 

We feel we can offer a service that will appeal to children of all backgrounds and interests!